Fashion industry conquered, pink now seeping into home furnishings

26 Jul 2017
Fashion industry conquered, pink now seeping into home furnishings

The colour pink has been having a good year. After having the shade Rose Quartz named one of the two top colours of 2016 by colour-matching company Pantone, it's now seeped into home decor.

It took some time before the hue made the jump from fashion to home furnishing, but at the recent Salone del Mobile furniture fair in Milan, this hot new colour was the clear front-runner.

Another example is the work by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, who has always followed an unconventional path. Pink is his colour of choice.

He recently redecorated the Barcelo Torre hotel in Madrid, which included a chair he had created for the Danish design company &tradition called Catch. It's a chair that welcomes the user and, thanks to its pink colour, has an especially light and airy quality.

It's also a chair that fits into almost any home design layout. Matched with black, grey or white, it creates a pleasing break in style. "I aim to match contrasts," explains Hayon. "At the same time, I like it when it has a playful touch."

"Catch is a rather plain and simple chair, but thanks to its pink colour, it doesn't look very serious. It adds both a light and elegant touch to any environment," explains the Spanish designer.

Another example of how furniture has caught up on the pink trend is Konstantin Gracic's design 503 Soft Props for Cassina.

It's an upholstered modular system that, with the aid of a tube, can create a huge range of configurations for sitting on. The tube is a dominant part of the design, but thanks to the pink colour, the sofa looks far from austere.

Even classic pieces of furniture are being re-issued in pink, which gives new life to them. In 1941, Finn Juhl created the Poet Sofa. The two-seater is now available in a pink that gives it a fresh feel.

Nordic design has been a trendsetter over the past few years, and even here, pink has replaced the go-to beige-wood look.

The original versions of the cosmetics mirror Flip by Javier Moreno for the label Normann Copenhagen was not originally available in pink. But in this colour, it takes on a surprising, dynamic and somehow very cool look. Same for the Cap table lamp from design duo kaschkasch and the Circus pouf by Simon Legald.

"Pink is flamboyant, chic and flattering. It has become increasingly popular in interior spaces," explains Paul Madsen, founder of furniture company Normann Copenhagen.

"It can be combined with beige, or a hybrid of peach and coral, as well as a hot Barbie pink. So there's no reason not to mix and match the different shades and use them together," says the design expert.

The Dutch design team Scholten & Baijings also created a series of small sofas and chairs, all in pink, for the producer Morosa, and traditional design company Vitra even had an entire room, filled with furniture from various centuries, in the colour at its Vitra Haus flagship store in the German town of Weil am Rhein.

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